Friday, September 01, 2006

Another liberal icon gets flushed

Was there anything more absurd than the liberal howls and indignation surrounding the Valerie Plame "outing"?

It will take these liberal idiots some time to come up with another clinical demonstration of their inanity and irrelevance on the scale of this debacle, but let's give them credit for using all their resources to smear half the nation in one of the wildest wild goose chases ever. Even the Washington Post has tucked tail and headed for cover. (Note: don't expect the intellectually and morally challenged New York Times to admit they were complicit in this charade -- they are too ensconsed in their self serving agenda to notice what dupes they were and continue to be.)

Richard Armitage, a deputy to Colin Powell and nothing of a Bush insider, has basically said he dusted off Plame's name to Robert Novak in an off hand manner -- the way most people talk about insignificant clerks involved in menial work at any level of government. Plame was not a deep cover CIA operative, ever. Just the same, the Agency frowns on divulging the names of any employee, including the guy sitting in the booth at the Langley parking lot. But, it's not a violation of law designed to protect covert operatives from being exposed if the parking lot attendant or Valerie Plame's name makes it into the newspapers.

No, my fellow Americans, it was Ms. Plame's devoted husband and idiot par excellance, Joe Wilson, that created all the mucky-mucky here. A halfwitted idiot and non-essential bureaucrat trying to scrape a living out of being the quinessential idiot par excellance, Wilson decided to take on the Niger uranium story and add his personal touch, all in the attempt to embarass George W. Bush. A noble undertaking, according to contemporary liberals.

Of course, let's not allow facts to trickle into any discussion about Plame and this idiot Wilson. Saddam Hussein has dispatched agents of his regime to Niger in pursuit of uranium, but Wilson was too busy dabbing African coffee stains from his lapel to notice. Under the pretense of having conducted a "thorough" investigation, Wilson slithered back to the United States and found the next best forum for liberal stupidity outside the Clinton library -- the New York Times -- to chronicle the results of his "official mission". Wilson would gleefully report Iraq made no such overture, the intelligence reports of the Iraqi mission was a lie, therefore the pretense for removing the murdering thug and international terrorist in Baghdad was based on "lies". Complete cliche' and spin that left liberals and their camp in the throes of a "gotcha" orgasm.

Joe Wilson and the New York Times: a match made in heaven. A bonafide fool and liar embracing another bonafide fool and liar.

Unrelenting in their demands to punish America for impeaching Bill Clinton, Democrats and their liberal enablers twisted, distorted, lied, cheated, and harassed the Justice Department until a Special Prosecutor was assigned and some big time Republican heads were rolled. Sayeth the Democrats and liberals from every media perch they could find: no one in the Bush administration could deny complicity in the vicious conspiracy to destroy the patriotic and dutiful Ambassador Joe Wilson. Yeah, the liar and fool deluded himself into believing he commanded so much attention, the liberal fantasy of bringing down the Bush camp -- with Karl Rove in leg irons -- was actually being played out in the mass media.

Can we use our favorite saying for these liberals and their friends in the press? Of course, we can. "Sucker!!"

Excuse us while we snicker under our collective breath. No one in the Bush administration gave two hoots in hell what this halfwitted flack Wilson said or did, as long as it didn't involve aiding and abetting our enemies. That's a conversation for another time.

Valerie Plame and her doting fool of a husband can now gurgle down the drain of irrelevance and find their reserved table in the septic tank of liberal history -- celebrated, defeated, yet definitive icons of the most failed political ideology in American history.