Monday, October 08, 2007

Gullible losers and liberals -- a match made in Hell

If you believe Rush Limbaugh insulted American troops, you didn't hear the program in which the discussion involving the left wing scam artists took place. And, since you "believe" Rush insulted our troops, based on the distorted context and outright fraud of some left wing idiots, that qualifies you as a gullible loser. It's not so bad to be a gullible loser, but if you're a liberal and a gullible loser, there's not a skyscraper high enough for you to take flight and end your suffering.

If you believe Bill O'Reilly is a racist, see above.

Let's examine why gullible losers and liberals need to end their suffering, either by swan diving from skyscrapers or actually realizing just how dangerous their distorted perspectives can be if spread to equally naive or gullible Americans.

First, liberals seems to insist on making their miserable perspectives public at every opportunity. Name a forum -- there's a liberal spewing some wild eyed nonsense about illegal wars and racism and God knows what. Compounding this folly, Congressional Democrats elect to use their precious resources -- on the floor of the House and Senate -- to chastise Limbaugh and everyone else not dipped in the vat of liberal stupidity. Only when legitimate Americans realize enough is enough and begin to bounce those liberals, the same kooks advancing the Limbaugh fraud, infect academia and media outlets in large numbers, spreading this fraud and other distortions, will those diseased institutions will be "cured". In the words of a layman, schools will return to teaching facts and the media will return to reporting facts. As long as liberals remain employed in these public capacities, those moronic adventures in fraud and context distortion will continue.

Facts are painful to liberals. Everyone having endured the liberal arts phase of a university level education understands, appreciating where and how some young dunce would embrace a liberal point of view in the current political dynamic. Now, as you liberals attempt to distort the previous sentence into wholesale condemnation of undergraduate studies, legitimate Americans and skilled professionals recognize the context and intent of that comment. Here's how we approach this: how much time did you spend, in a review of events leading up to the Civil War, discussing the sins of slavery?

Note to liberals: the sins of slavery were not the sole predicates for that horrific episode in American history.

I'll be the first to admit conservatives aren't inherently perfect. As a honest and God fearing conservative, I can truthfully recall several instances of poor judgment and ill advice. More often than not, those instances were the direct result of indulging in liberal activities (state of mind altered psychotic distress created by narcotics or alcohol). As one that has forgotten more about having a good time than most people will ever know, I try not to be hypocritical in my analysis of the liberal conundrum. Even during the lowest points of my personal interactions with society, I never lost touch with the fundamentally honorable and conservative base I fight so hard to preserve. Unlike liberals, I recognize the flaws of society and work to improve those things that directly influence the American experience. I don't spend my time dissecting or debunking the "hidden" messages of Led Zeppelin's lyrics or Harry Potter movies. I do spend time dissecting and debunking the assessments of Bill Clinton or anyone remotely close to supporting what he (or his wife) might publicly declare as "sound public policy".

As a young and impressionable soldier in 1973, I saw racism and dissent overwhelm many of my equally impressionable young comrades. The Vietnam experience had come to it's bedraggled conclusion (the combat aspects). Americans were confused, feeling somewhat betrayed by the outcome. Liberals felt empowered and enlightened. The ends justified the means, they would declare. It became fashionable to espouse "victimization", blaming fundamental American values for creating those victims. In very rare and select cases, there were legitimate victims of overt racism or criminal behavior. However, in the broader context of liberal reform, it was not en vogue to embrace American values in pursuit of solutions, but to distort, destroy, and marginalize those values -- all in the effort to "prevent" future victims of discrimination or abhorrent behavior. Even as the Democrat controlled Congress and eventual election of a monumental buffoon (Jimmy Carter) held sway in government, Americans realized the liberal extensions were not the basis from which an end to poverty or racism would be brought to the forefront of our collective mindsets. We saw faith and patriotism devalued, only to be revived in the magnificent election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. America was on its way back, not a moment too soon.

Liberals had tasted power and legitimacy (in their narrow and poisoned minds), and could not allow the likes of Reagan to reduce their ilk to the levels of irrelevance American liberals so richly deserve. Hellbent on distortion and fraud, the American education system began systematically failing to educate, focusing exclusively on indoctrination -- something liberals declared was being done in the name of God and country a generation previous. America was not a haven for freedom and liberty -- according to liberal teaching -- but a cesspool of have's and have-not's. Within the liberal mantra, Americans could not fend for themselves; how dare anyone suggest the minority community elevate their standards to match a standard that was repeatedly proven to provide a vehicle to self sufficiency and success. No, it would take liberal supervision of government entitlements to usher these "downtrodden" masses into a new era. At least, that's what the liberal establishment used as the key selling point. Well, my fellow legitimate Americans, the facts are in: the liberal establishment left the minority community in far worse condition than it would have been had those communities been allowed to become educated with facts and sustain themselves with faith in God.

Since liberals prefer distortion and fraud, my comments will be portrayed as a demand to install religious zealotry in every American's life. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was raised in the Baptist Church and attend services as often as I can. I do not want anyone to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into a sermon or discussion of faith unless they are honestly seeking to expand their understanding of faith and decide, for themselves, if the history and theory advanced in those sermons strikes a positive chord. Personally, I find most of the Bible and its historical accounts very interesting -- thought provoking. I also found the history of ancient Greece and Rome incredibly intriguing. Do I think we should adopt the tenet philosophy of ancient Greeks or Romans?

Absolutely not.

Contemporary liberals are doing everything they can to distort and revise history to match their fallacious point of view. This explains -- in a very small way -- why liberal flacks are frantically seeking to diminish Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and a large and influential number of talk show hosts (with nearly 50 million Americans comprising their daily audiences). It also explains why no conservative point of view is "tolerated" at select universities that insist the free exchange of ideas are the foundation of their academic prowess. When graduates of these institutions become managers of news and information, the filter installed by those universities is not adjusted to accomodate reality. Liberal politicians gleefully feed this fraud, realizing the combination of this liberal filter and the potential of demoralized conservatives creates a stronger platform from which they can build a political apparatus designed to legislate conservatism out of the American way of life. Unfortunately, for these deluded simpletons, Americans are not taking the bait.

Rush Limbaugh never insulted a single American soldier. He ripped a left wing fraud and convicted liar -- accurately describing him as a "phony soldier" elevated to celebrity by the same morons seeking to remove Limbaugh's broadcast from the airwaves. Too bad liberals didn't fare well in the talk show forum; Air America was a complete bust. Just as an overwhelming majority of left wing university professors and lecturers are repeatedly demonstrated to be, Air America was about distortion and slander, not facts and legitimate analysis. Only a gullible loser and liberal would suggest otherwise.

Until next time, keep the faith. God bless America and those of you legitimately keeping this great nation free and prosperous.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Last Gasp of the Dying Liberal Generation

Having time to ponder all things real, unreal, and liberal, legitimate Americans might be delighted to observe how the foamy mouthed zealots, not so cleverly disguising themselves as "journalists", have decided to jump on the "Hey, Clinton, we've got your back" bandwagon. In case you are living in a cave or a raving liberal idiot, you know just exactly what that means.

Since America had the "gall" to impeach a bonafide liar and serial rapist/molester (that would be one of America's most disgusting examples of political ambition run amok -- Bill Clinton), liberals and their enablers in the Democratic Party have seen fit to dredge the sewage of political outhouses in hopes of finding something they might use as justification to begin a similar process against President Bush. We could spend the better part of today and tomorrow trotting out scenarios, but that would only help these nitwits as they grasp at every straw and gulp down every drop of political black water in search of a credible "crime". Why bother, legitimate Americans ask?

Well, my fellow legitimate Americans, examine the psychotic rage these simpletons have placed themselves following the commutation of Scooter Libby's prison sentence. Combine that with our current President's right minded disdain for the token, non-binding liberal "governance" emerging from the most comical and inept Congress in our nation's history -- the Pelosi/Ried cabal -- and you've got a recipe for liberal meltdown that may be unrivaled in the annals of this dreadful generation's existence. Working themselves into a lather over the qualifications for military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, tying themselves into knots over the alleged "outing" of a CIA clerk, or just the mere mention of Vice President Cheney, liberals and those tittering morons in the media are desperate to drive by Bill Clinton's house, honk the horn, waving as they pass, and yell out, "We've got your back, Lord Bill. We've manufactured enough inanity to press for impeachment of George Bush!!".

We don't need to revisit justification for military action against any nation on Earth. There are several more rogue states just dying for a visit from our military, and we'll get around to them in short order. This Libby issue is one for the books, however.

The facts are these (undisputed and unimpeachable):

Valerie Plame/Wilson/whatever was not a covert agent serving in a clandestine role, except at the neighborhood Wal-Mart. Mr. Libby was convicted of perjury after failing to reconcile his recollections of casual conversations with media figures. I suppose once a citizen is sworn under oath, every morsel of every conversation that citizen ever had could be twisted into an act of deceit -- herein the Libby case, it was contorted into perjury. This Plame woman and her jackass spouse needed to make mortgage payments and to buy the new James Bond cloak and dagger kit. Finding no new revenue sources available in government service, these buffoons decided to market a full blown scam -- liberals will send money to people they don't know if they believe it will damage America in the long term. So, a case was made to examine whether or not the identities of legitimate CIA operatives were being compromised after these losers declared those identities were at risk. The CIA had little choice but to agree -- after all, the threat of the aforementioned liberal hacks (Mr. and Mrs. Wilson) going to the press, under the guise of "self-protection", might blow the cover of any number of legitimate operatives just to show how easy it was.

Libby had no business testifying under oath about anything remotely connected to the compromise of covert agent identity. Not a word of his testimony involved anything that would or could be construed as such a national security betrayal. The jury convicted him of being deliberately vague and untruthful when asked to recall specific comments made to a liberal media figure. That, my fellow legitimate Americans, is the only thing this travesty produced.

Unless, of course, you are a drooling liberal idiot desperate to keep watch over Bill Clinton's septic tank legacy. If this describes you, then Libby's conviction -- and the long overdue clemency and outright pardon -- serves as a perverted validation of an ideology fit for the trash heap of history.

Any American supporting a call for the impeachment of President Bush is nothing short of a full blown moron. We all have issues with every level of this government, but President Bush has done yeoman's duty under circumstances no liberal, Democrat, or anything in between, could possibly endure. I am not going to say everything President Bush has done wins high praise -- this immigration farce does him far more damage than anything the liberal idiot contingency might dream up. Democrats have done a massive amount of damage to this country in the past five years, and the aberrant election of a razor thin majority in the Congress and Senate hardly qualifies as a mandate for further acts of national destruction by the party of defeatists and pathological liars.

America needs to take a deep breath and carefully examine the future of the Democratic Party. Unless wholesale changes are made and those poisonous elements -- liberals, socialists, and Communists -- are purged from that outfit, anything and anyone hoisting the Democrat banner will be stained with the blood of every victim of future terror or criminal acts against America and her allies. When we spend millions convicting a man for sputtering inconsistent recollections of informal discussions with media figures, but then seem worry about the "rights" of foreign nationals devoted to the wholesale slaughter of every man, woman, and child in this country, we have allowed Democrats and their flocks of septic tank dwellers to interfere far beyond the scope of their expertise. America needs to seriously consider rendering the Democrats -- in their current incarnation -- a level of irrelevance not seen in our political landscape for a century.

It will be the duty and responsibility of legitimate Americans to identify those candidates capable of ushering this generation of defeatists, liars, and poverty pimps into a political purgatory. Republicans let golden opportunities slip from their grasp by trying to act like Democrats. It is no surprise Democrats got elected acting like Republicans, but immediately reverted to being Democrats once the ballots were counted and they found themselves in a position to be part of the "majority". Not one legitimate American feels ambushed by the conduct of Pelosi or Reid -- we knew what would happen if the Republicans did not make their case well enough to prevent those two from assuming any position of power (including head janitor at the Toledo Zoo....with all due respect to the janitors at that zoo).

If Fred Thompson formally -- and finally -- goes on the offensive and seeks the office of President of the United States, America had best get involved fully and completely. I love Mitt Romney and what he stands for, but religious prejudice -- induced by liberals -- may keep this extraordinarily qualified and capable man from reaching enough folks to receive the nomination. If Senator Thompson can invigorate conservatives -- ala Ronald Reagan -- he will be the next President. I would advise the distinguished gentleman from Tennessee not to play too much of the Reagan card early on, but if he can govern and communicate as our dearly beloved Gipper did, let's get out and vote this guy in.

The alternatives are not pleasant. I respect Mayor Guliani and Governor Huckabee, adore Congressman Hunter, and wish the remaining GOP hopefuls all the best (except Ron Paul....someone beam him up). Fred Thompson will steady the ship, protect this nation, and employ the Romneys and Huckabees and Hunters in ways that will bolster and preserve America for everyone -- all races, creeds, and backgrounds.

There is not a Democrat in this galaxy qualified or capable to be President of the United States, no matter what some idiot at the New York Times or NBC News might say. America had better come to this same conclusion very soon. We have much to do, and no time to waste dealing with another period of Clintonisque malfeasance.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another American benchmark the liberals despise

June 6, 1944.

To the hundreds of millions of sentient citizens of planet Earth, this date is carved into our collective psyches like no other -- December 7, 1941, for example, is another benchmark liberals cannot abide, but more on that later.

Sixty three years ago, the morning air along the northwestern French coast erupted in a cataclysm of violence, death, and destruction rarely witnessed, much less survived, by any human in the history of humankind. Thousands of American men, drawn from all quarters of this great land, would never see another day, never go home to their families to recover, never live to offer the benefit of what that explosive and dreadful experience had taught them.

For you liberal idiots and Hillary Clinton/B. Hussein Obama/John Edwards supporters, on June 6, 1944, the Allies invaded Europe at Normandy. France had not invaded or attacked the United States, but we blew that place to hell and back, killing hundreds of thousands along the way. (I'll bet a steak dinner you liberals will curse those troops for such heinous acts of genocide, all sanctioned by a warmongering US president. I will not even talk about the airplanes dropping bombs on German forests.....this post will be hard enough on you liberals, as it is.)

For the rest of us -- legitimate Americans and everyone around the world that knows we owe a debt that can never be repaid to those men at Normandy -- this date is honored and revered because of what was accomplished, what was sacrificed, and what was learned. The world was burning as the fires of war spread to every continent, to every ocean. No man, woman, or child was spared the fear of World War II, millions suffered physical injury, millions more died.


Cowards, appeasers, and political fools turned away from the stark reality of fascism and religious fanaticism, that's why. Spoiled children and intellectual phonies assumed their lofty perch would protect them from a few desperate and moronic simpletons wandering around with guns, that's why. Nations unwilling to recognize the development of new and terrible weapons, capable of reaching across thousands of miles of ocean, might ever inflict their specialized death and destruction on those "secure" enclaves. Today, we call those guilty of these horrific oversights "liberals". Today, the liberals run wild in the formerly honorable Democratic Party.

Today, we are facing another Normandy, complete with all the horror, death, and destruction. Why?

See above.

Bashing liberals seems like great fun to legitimate Americans, as it should. There have been few opportunities in American history to isolate a segment of society that is thoroughly racist, intolerant, and incompetent -- liberals offer just such an opportunity today. The once honorable profession of journalism (news writing, for example....forget editorializing) has been transformed by a gaggle of lazy, socialist leaning, lying simpletons teaching "journalism" at state sponsored universities -- point of order, liberal arts colleges -- who threaten lawsuits if their failures manifest themselves into a poor job performance rating. What happened to making sure facts make the pages of the local newspaper or the scripted spew of a talking head TV newscaster?

Forfeit factual integrity and good reporting so that the underlying social message (re: political indoctrination) is the only lingering morsel of the report. Just listen to a liberal talk about anything. Pick any subject. Liberals will butcher the facts to assign their fallacious political spin to it. So, why bother with these simpletons as we respectfully recall and honor those that fought, died, and liberated hundreds of millions sixty three years ago?

It's our duty to defeat everything contemporary liberals represent. We owe those brave thousands -- the men of D-Day that faced unspeakable horror and fear -- our best efforts to defeat liberals as those liberals attempt to expand their failures into greater influence in academia and politics. It is also the duty of all legitimate Americans to defeat the Democratic Party, the haven from which most liberals can find reinforcement and value. You may rest assured the likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Danny Glover, et. al. will not be found embracing GOP candidates, even one of their own -- fellow actor/political mover and shaker Fred Thompson. It's not because the decency and integrity of the GOP candidates that turns off those aforementioned morons, it's this fact: no GOP leader would remotely consider elevating liberal points of view -- beyond new and exciting methods of toilet scrubbing.

Sixty three years ago, American men of all walks of life climbed into aircraft, ships, and departed into a dark night knowing many of those among them would be dead in minutes. I am personally awed, inspired, and deeply honored to stand in the presence of those D-Day veterans. My grandfather was there, but didn't speak of it beyond a simple acknowledgement of his involvement that fateful morning. Nothing to hide, this paragon of virtue and lifelong Democrat, my granddaddy, it was just too hard recounting the horror without his beloved family seeing him reach a deep, dark emotional state he promised not to visit -- not until his time for judgment before God Almighty came. My grandmother told us these things -- only after this devoted family man, combat veteran, and truly decent human being, died -- knowing we finally grew up, spiritually and morally, enough to understand if Granddaddy cried at church or at a Memorial Day service, he wasn't being a "softy". He carried a terrible burden with him, remembering his fallen comrades with each prayer and honor ceremony.

The liberal elements that lived in the mid-20th century tried to make their points salient -- to varying degrees, they were successful. Today, with all the high tech media and incredibly lazy class of young people in our country, liberals make inroads, pontificating and editorializing with little concern for facts, history, or consequences. Contemporary liberals are our version of the racist thugs promoting slavery, the religious zealots burning pretty young women at the stake (claimed they were witches), and those embracing ideologies that believe wholesale murder of concentration camp occupants will keep the population on a tight leash. Too graphic a characterization for you liberal sympathizers?

Too bad. It's true. I can prove it. Legitimate Americans can prove it. There is not a single liberal, true to his/her cause, that can dispute or debunk a single point made here or anywhere liberals are exposed for what they really are.

Finally, let it be known the land of "dust and lust" -- Las Vegas -- can host something as refreshing as a reunion of old friends, sharing memories, savoring accomplishments of each, and not losing sight of how we met, why we stayed friends, and why we shall remain friends. No matter how youthful or exuberant we may have been, each of us grew into responsible, respected, and honorable men -- doctors, police officers, professionals. Conservatives, American patriots, and people you would love to know. I am deeply honored to be counted as their friend.

God bless Detective Paul Villa, Doctor Larry Smith, and our honored veterans of the D-Day invasion. May each day these men, their families, and all that know them, be filled with the blessings only God can provide.

See you all next time.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Liberals, Democrats, and the pain of living

Few humans know the pain and suffering American liberals (and their ideological masters, the Democratic Party) endure as citizens of the greatest nation ever created. So miserable are these feckless worry-warts, they escort necessary elements of America's destruction directly into American schools, universities, hospitals, businesses, and homes, then file a lawsuit if legitimate Americans try to remove those toxic invasions.

The good thing about America is the diversity of opinion and culture. The bad thing about America are liberals and their puppeteers. Not since the days of Mao's cultural purges or Stalin's temper tantrums has a major society been subjected to the daily assaults on intelligence and integrity, thanks to our own brand of "enlightened and diversity seeking" liberals. Only a complete idiot would believe a molecule of a liberal's being involves helping the United States of America remain a strong, value based, and freedom loving enclave for mankind. No liberal cares one hoot in hell about American values or the perservation thereof; liberal nirvana lies somewhere between the killing fields of Rwanda and a Soviet gulag.

Think about it.

Let's look at some examples of liberal hypocrisy, just in case you think I'm overstating the case.

Liberals support abortion (killing an unborn child) for any woman worried that having the baby will reduce her standing as a "hot babe", cost her more money (landlords hate kids), and the loser that knocked her up couldn't pay for a double scoop ice cream cone without a loan. But, the same liberals oppose the death penalty (executing a criminal convicted of a capital crime) for a person that rapes and murders the same abortion seeking woman, striving to "rehabiliate" the murderer and eventually force him to vote -- as a Democrat -- in future elections. Should the convict display any remorse and seek forgiveness from God Almighty, the liberals will abandon their attempts to "free" that convict and allow the death penalty to proceed. As long as the convict continues to spew anti-American, liberal embraced political rhetoric and propaganda, the state would be guilty of "murdering" that convict in cold blood.

In sum, if the convict realizes the horrors of the crime and how much damage it did to a family and society, prays for forgiveness and accepts the consequences, liberals will throw that convict into a pile of "God-kooks" and move on to the next case. All convicts must denounce God, American law, and white men to be assured a handful of liberals will burn a candle and wail incoherently outside the prison walls as the state delivers another deserving soul into the pit of hell.

Liberal contractions and hypocrisy don't end in the social arena. Depending on the liberal politician offering the most hope to the cause of destroying America, most of the American liberals will embrace that politician while simultaneously claiming to be "anti-war". Liberal heroes can bomb, strafe, raid, murder, or imprison men, women, and children anywhere on Earth and not a peep is heard from these septic tank dwelling hypocrites. But, allow a conservative American to stand up after years of liberal malfeseance and neglect, these toads will begin to declare America is seeking "world domination" in the name of some corporation (pick any major business in America). Liberals applaud and relish the deaths of uniformed American military members, especially those involved in missions that require the military member to actively confront a declared US enemy. Disguising their fraud as "concern" for the fallen service member, American liberals attack the American institution that sent the service member into harm's way, not the enemy state or combatant. Remember, liberals believe America is always wrong. No liberal can be happy until Americans are being slaughtered by the bushel and liberal puppeteers are given repeated opportunities to "justify" the slaughter.

In sum, no liberal will show up at fallen service member's funeral to praise or aid the family. They will show up at that funeral to protest oil prices or to espouse a religion not practiced by the family. No liberal will enlist in the US Armed Forces for the duty, honor, and commitment, but they will attempt to suggest the military offered them a "shot a college" -- if they pulled a tour sweeping up the mess hall. If duty calls, and that liberal has to put down the broom and pick up a weapon, then some major US corporation is to be held accountable by the liberal establishment. And, if that enterprising liberal service person decides to jump the fence and go AWOL, protesting the gall of the command authority to send that liberal broom jockey into combat, liberals everywhere will embrace that person as a "hero".

Compare a liberal's treatment of a cowardly deserter to that of a young American enlisting so America might have a strong, effective military, packed with determined and capable people. Liberals hate the military -- unless the military builds a billion dollar base nearby (jobs) or tolerates homosexuals in the community that seek to prey on the young men and women that wander through town while off duty. Liberals would sue to keep those young service personnel from starting a sports league or Boy Scout troop, but would openly embrace those same service personnel if they lined up to protest America, capitalism, and God.

I could go on all day, but you get the picture. If not, stay tuned for lessons on how rid yourself of the liberal poison that has infected your sensibilities and awareness.

Finally, a quick apology for not posting as frequently as I'd originally hoped. But, in the many activities compressing my schedule into one of carefully chosen priorities, I had the distinct honor and privelege to serve as a Sector Chief and Marshall for the Gathering of Eagles/Rolling Thunder demonstration in Washington, D.C. on March 17. Lining up with nearly 30,000 patriots, veterans, and legitimate Americans, we stood across from a cesspool of moonbat idiots featuring the likes of Cindy Sheehan and Cynthia McKinney, to name a few of the assembled losers. In spite of the blustery, chilly conditions, standing with America's best to offset the rectal spew of the moonbat left wingers made us all feel much better about America and its chances to remain a bastion of freedom and justice for all. The moonbats were shocked and dismayed at the huge turnout designed to protect national treasures and monuments from the vandalism and political propaganda that surrounds every liberal gathering. No spray painted steps, no desecrated military memorials, no police officers assaulted, only tons of liberal trash (and lots of litter the liberal protesters left behind for other liberals to clean up).

God bless America. See you next time.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Legitimate Americans vs. these Dummycrats

Good to see you again, bloggers of the world. I've been on a business and vacation hiatus only a legitimate American can appreciate. For you liberals, Dummycrats, and other assorted nitwits, this means doing very constructive things with very good people. Not one of you liberal twits or your party of gutless wonders could begin to fathom what that actually means.

Of course, a liberal and the party of gutless liars (commonly referred to as Democrats) will declare the destruction of public schools, the outrageous expense we all face going to a doctor, or the inability of police to actually pursue suspects are fruits of their labor. Just take a look at the Duke rape case to see evidence of liberal "adjustments" at work. Can't have the truth get in the way of "feeling good about oneself", eh?

Since we can't find a way to legalize dope for these liberals, we have to endure their endless charade of trying to pit petty emotion against the stark reality of life in the world today. Just think, if we legalize dope, liberals would just get stoned and wander aimlessly into the septic tank of history -- twinkies and all. But, we resist the effort because innocent people always wind up getting hurt by "good intentions". So, dope remains illegal and liberals need something to make up for the loss of articifically induced euphoria.

In the Duke case, a liberal makes up a charge against some white boys attending a high end university. A gaggle of liberal "professors" howl and squeal about the racist white bruts viciously attacking a poor, innocent black woman trying to pay the bills -- as a stripper and hooker. Introduce a pandering liberal prosecutor, add heavy measures of liberal press, and before you can say, "Holy hosejob", you've got three very good kids lined up for heavy time in a federal prison. For what?

A baldfaced lie -- and what we must pray is the greatest example of liberal intolerance and character assassination ever witnessed. There could be greater examples, but researching those might just make every legitimate American so damned angry, the dental work and skull shape of many loudmouthed liberals could be in great danger of being permanently re-arranged.

What a shame that would be (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

It is incumbent on legitimate Americans to remind these liberal idiots and their political extensions (now holding sway in Washington, D.C.) the November elections were no mandate and the fraudulent campaign most of the newly elected Dummycrats ran were stolen hook, line, and sinker from the conservative playbook. President Bush and legitimate Americans are not interested in seeing the war on terror -- including Iraq -- go in the tank. With equal measures of patriotic enthusiasm, no legitimate American wants to see the economy go to hell in a handbasket with outrageous or punitive tax increases, minimum wage increases, or other such "feel good" legislation that will rip the momentum right out of several years of excellent job and earnings potential for every American.

The collective intelligence of every legitimate American was insulted in a world class way by the patronizing and despicable display put on by Nancy Pelosi and that poor baby -- forever wounded by the thought he/she was a prop for a partisan idiot that will usher future opportunities for legitimate Democrats into the proverbial septic tank of history with hypocrisy, ineptitude, corruption, and outright lies. Most of us are gleeful about this new opportunity to declare "open season" on these Dummycrats -- but, we don't want the country to suffer in the process. Liberals and their parrots in the government and media have a soggy, fecal infested corner of history's septic tank reserved for them. It's up to us to make sure they don't drag any innocent or legitimate Americans into that dank eternity with them.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thank God for conservatives in America

Can you imagine the shrieks and howls coming from the liberal camps -- that would be most of the mainstream media and all the idiots in America -- if conservatives decided to pull a "Democrat" and declare voter fraud tilted the outcome of this latest Congressional election?

Can you imagine the sniffing and puffing coming from liberal camps -- that would be most of the folks that keep electing communist sympathizers like Teddy Kennedy, et. al. -- if conservatives demanded recounts, paper ballots, and results dismissed due to the razor thin margin of victory in those races where the GOP candidate lost the race?

Can you say "no mandate" five times, real fast?

Legitimate Americans are dismayed the GOP could not manage to debunk liberal fraud and media bias often enough to maintain "control" of the Congress, but given chance to pause and reflect honestly, we'd all agree: this may be the tonic that finally flushes contemporary liberalism out of our government's system. Unlike liberals, conservatives watched the results and understood the message. Unlike liberals, conservatives know what to do so such results never occur again. Unlike liberals, conservatives will not tolerate a party apparatus that attempts to parlay token similarities in order to attract the unattractive -- commonly known as the "undecided" voter. History has proven these "undecided voters" (talk about avoiding responsibility for your basic American duty) are impressed by conviction and resolve. Even when it's dead wrong.

How a single American citizen can embrace the liberal mantra is a mystery to educated and honestly intellectual human beings. Unfortunately for our nation and its people, too many find themselves believing there lies a mystical empowerment within the trappings of a liberal mindset. The removal of guilt and incompetence from the bearer, they must believe, is the benefit of donning the liberal mask. Only after the damage is done, lives irreversibly wrecked and America seriously weakened, do these idiots realize what happened. Anyone deliberately espousing liberalism beyond the age of 10 is a coward and liar. And, to be honest, I don't know many liberal 10 year olds.

Cursory reviews of college campuses elevating liberal mantra above septic tank level reveal this sinister cowardice. When conservative speakers or lectures are scheduled, these liberals will destroy property that is not their own, seek to deny free speech and exchange of ideas, and refuse to bathe afterward. While most of the threats are carried out by a gaggle of sissies trying to throw pies, the notion these tepid twits would seek to disrupt or deny the rights of others to express a legitimate point of view speaks volumes about a culture that would tolerate such behavior. Liberals not only tolerate that juvenile crap, they encourage it as part of their larger "right" to express themselves in a meaningful way. Equal to the pie chunking losers on college campuses, the media services (where the pie chunking morons find jobs, apparently) duplicate these repressive tactics in a much more deliberate manner.

Much of what makes this country (the United States of America for you liberals trying to clear your head) so attractive is the ability of decent human beings to find their way, even if they stumble along the path to self determination and liberty. Making mistakes is not the end-all for Americans, but not learning from mistakes must be regarded as the depths of irresponsibility if this nation is going to endure another 240 years. Liberals are the mistake making machine we can't seem to turn off. Unless we find the source of their power, spending all our time digging ourselves out from under the avalanche of liberal misdeed and error hastens short term "fixes" that only compound the error. This latest Congressional election is one of those short term "fixes".

The Republican Party lost the election because neither party deserved to win the election. As confounding as that may seem to liberals, it is a fact. While the books will reflect a win for Democrats, the end game will be necessary adjustment of the conservative political apparatus to prevent such a recurrence. Call it a political stalemate with a Democratic flair, but call it what it is. An adjustment that might have been overdue, but it's here and legitimate Americans had best use the opportunity to get it right.

The consequences of a second failure two years from now are too horrible to consider.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The liberal rats and their sinking ship

Been a rather interesting few weeks since we last visited, eh?

Those ill tempered liberals have cooked up a few more recipes for disaster, spilling the concoction in their typically sloppy manner, then denying they had anything to do with the mess. As legitimate Americans suffer the latest round of "Dummycrat follies", it's time to clear the air.

If you had any doubts about the monumental failings of Bill Clinton, let this fact laden blogpost put your mind at ease. Yes, it's true: Clinton was not only a liar and serial rapist/molester, but his bungling resulted in the deaths of thousands of American men, women, and children at the hands of Islamic murderers. It is also true Clinton's legacy involves a very dangerous situation on the Korean penisula. Of all the foibles and stumbles of the "Klintoon Kampers", the North Korean saga may prove to be the deadliest.

Let's not revisit every Clinton malfeasance. You don't have time and I don't have the temperment. (You'll get bored and I'll go bitch slap some liberal.) But, let's review the North Korean situation in its proper context, then add just a dash of the soon-to-backfire Democratic Mark Foley "outrage" to this visit of what's right and reasonable.

If you are a liberal -- or one of the enablers in the Democratic Party -- possessing the gall to suggest the current crisis involving North Korea is the making of George W. Bush, please find the nearest high rise building, climb to the roof, and swan dive into the dumpster below. Just as the lion's share of failure to defend against Al Qaeda's attack on US interests (that would include New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania pastureland) lies with Clinton and his operatives, boasts from the clinically insane North Korean leadership clique of having conducted a nuclear detonation are more residue of the Clinton adminstration. North Korea could only dream of possessing a nuclear weapon -- China and Russia would never arm them with such a capability -- before Ross Perot ushered the Clinton era into America's history. It took a bungling moron like Clinton to transform a rock tossing loudmouth into a nuclear armed blackmailing bully.

North Korea is a military state. Everything they do revolves around their armed forces. American liberals cower and shudder at the prospect of actually confronting such a dedicated entity. Of course, American liberals cower and shudder at the prospect of disarming inner city teenagers, so naturally, a nation of psychotic militants will most certainly loosen their bowels. Enter one lying, sex consumed shyster named Clinton. Add the most ill advised foreign policy in American history (well, it's hard to run Jimmy Carter off the number one spot, but we must in this case), and millions of Asians now live under the very real threat they soon will die in a nuclear blast. Thanks to Clinton's legacy on failing to curb Al Qaeda's growth worldwide, North Korea may very soon become the chief exporter of nuclear weapons to terrorists. What's a few hundred million dollars between friends?

North Korea demands bilateral discussions with the US. Anyone care to know why? I spent a tour guarding UN/US interests in the Korean DMZ, standing toe to toe with North Korean guards. Those "one on one's" with the North Koreans at Panmunjom didn't accomplish anything but temper my desire to smash those punks into puddles of bloody goo. It is safe to assume the KPA personnel we personally met didn't come away with any "warm and fuzzy" feelings after having spent time with the resident American soldiers. It's all ego driven. To sit across from the US delegation, spewing propaganda, beating their bony little chests, and trumpeting their "relevance" would be the high point of their day.

If the North Koreans press another military confrontation on the Korean penisula, the stakes will be raised to new levels, thanks to Clinton, Albright, Berger, et. al. Now, not only will the US, South Korea, and their allies be forced to inflict massive blows early, battlefield commanders must have nuclear armed resources cocked and loaded. While every big fight has a nuclear component, that option would not be raised unless conventional weapons are judged incapable or the enemy's use of nuclear weapons are imminent. North Korea is begging to be destroyed by the US military; it is up to the North Koreans how that is accomplished.

A conventional conflict in Korea would be very costly in innocent lives. South Korea is a prosperous and lively nation of fifty million hard working souls. The North Koreans would inflict casualties on the South Korean population just to terrorize them into not taking up the fight. Lobbing missiles and artillery into South Korean population centers is about all the North Koreans can accomplish -- their military would be defeated in short order by the vastly improved South Korean armed forces, supported directly by US forces in the region.

Fortunately, the North Koreans don't have the delivery system for a nuclear weapon in their current inventory. Fortunately, the North Koreans don't possess the technology for building nuclear warheads that will fit on missiles. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton and company gave them the ability to acquire and develop both. Just ask the Chinese how well those ballastic guidance systems work on their newly developed ballastic missile inventory. The Chinese military drinks a toast to Bill Clinton and the morons in his administration every night.

You get the picture. A couple of days ago, the junior senator from New York, Clinton's wife, Hillary, declared it was the "failed policies" of the Bush adminstration responsible for the North Korean situation. Only a sheer moron would fall for that. Or, employees of several liberal news organizations.

Finally, once the investigations into this clown Mark Foley have concluded, it will be revealed Democrats sat on this idiot's instant messages to teenagers until they felt some political advantage could be taken. By insisting GOP leadership be held accountable for the conduct of a liberal Democrat pretending to be Republican is more hyprocrisy brewed in the liberal kitchen of all things hypocritical. Democrats are the party of failure because they are failures. They spin, twist, lie, cheat, and distort. Thankfully, Americans don't tolerate their foolishness for very long. Not anymore -- and not when the stakes are so incredibly high. Be it the handling of some homosexual idiot like Foley or a deranged lunatic like Kim Jong Il, America needs nothing from Democrats except to watch the tailights of the bus -- hauling the whole damned bunch into the septic tank of history -- vanish over the horizon.