Sunday, March 25, 2007

Liberals, Democrats, and the pain of living

Few humans know the pain and suffering American liberals (and their ideological masters, the Democratic Party) endure as citizens of the greatest nation ever created. So miserable are these feckless worry-warts, they escort necessary elements of America's destruction directly into American schools, universities, hospitals, businesses, and homes, then file a lawsuit if legitimate Americans try to remove those toxic invasions.

The good thing about America is the diversity of opinion and culture. The bad thing about America are liberals and their puppeteers. Not since the days of Mao's cultural purges or Stalin's temper tantrums has a major society been subjected to the daily assaults on intelligence and integrity, thanks to our own brand of "enlightened and diversity seeking" liberals. Only a complete idiot would believe a molecule of a liberal's being involves helping the United States of America remain a strong, value based, and freedom loving enclave for mankind. No liberal cares one hoot in hell about American values or the perservation thereof; liberal nirvana lies somewhere between the killing fields of Rwanda and a Soviet gulag.

Think about it.

Let's look at some examples of liberal hypocrisy, just in case you think I'm overstating the case.

Liberals support abortion (killing an unborn child) for any woman worried that having the baby will reduce her standing as a "hot babe", cost her more money (landlords hate kids), and the loser that knocked her up couldn't pay for a double scoop ice cream cone without a loan. But, the same liberals oppose the death penalty (executing a criminal convicted of a capital crime) for a person that rapes and murders the same abortion seeking woman, striving to "rehabiliate" the murderer and eventually force him to vote -- as a Democrat -- in future elections. Should the convict display any remorse and seek forgiveness from God Almighty, the liberals will abandon their attempts to "free" that convict and allow the death penalty to proceed. As long as the convict continues to spew anti-American, liberal embraced political rhetoric and propaganda, the state would be guilty of "murdering" that convict in cold blood.

In sum, if the convict realizes the horrors of the crime and how much damage it did to a family and society, prays for forgiveness and accepts the consequences, liberals will throw that convict into a pile of "God-kooks" and move on to the next case. All convicts must denounce God, American law, and white men to be assured a handful of liberals will burn a candle and wail incoherently outside the prison walls as the state delivers another deserving soul into the pit of hell.

Liberal contractions and hypocrisy don't end in the social arena. Depending on the liberal politician offering the most hope to the cause of destroying America, most of the American liberals will embrace that politician while simultaneously claiming to be "anti-war". Liberal heroes can bomb, strafe, raid, murder, or imprison men, women, and children anywhere on Earth and not a peep is heard from these septic tank dwelling hypocrites. But, allow a conservative American to stand up after years of liberal malfeseance and neglect, these toads will begin to declare America is seeking "world domination" in the name of some corporation (pick any major business in America). Liberals applaud and relish the deaths of uniformed American military members, especially those involved in missions that require the military member to actively confront a declared US enemy. Disguising their fraud as "concern" for the fallen service member, American liberals attack the American institution that sent the service member into harm's way, not the enemy state or combatant. Remember, liberals believe America is always wrong. No liberal can be happy until Americans are being slaughtered by the bushel and liberal puppeteers are given repeated opportunities to "justify" the slaughter.

In sum, no liberal will show up at fallen service member's funeral to praise or aid the family. They will show up at that funeral to protest oil prices or to espouse a religion not practiced by the family. No liberal will enlist in the US Armed Forces for the duty, honor, and commitment, but they will attempt to suggest the military offered them a "shot a college" -- if they pulled a tour sweeping up the mess hall. If duty calls, and that liberal has to put down the broom and pick up a weapon, then some major US corporation is to be held accountable by the liberal establishment. And, if that enterprising liberal service person decides to jump the fence and go AWOL, protesting the gall of the command authority to send that liberal broom jockey into combat, liberals everywhere will embrace that person as a "hero".

Compare a liberal's treatment of a cowardly deserter to that of a young American enlisting so America might have a strong, effective military, packed with determined and capable people. Liberals hate the military -- unless the military builds a billion dollar base nearby (jobs) or tolerates homosexuals in the community that seek to prey on the young men and women that wander through town while off duty. Liberals would sue to keep those young service personnel from starting a sports league or Boy Scout troop, but would openly embrace those same service personnel if they lined up to protest America, capitalism, and God.

I could go on all day, but you get the picture. If not, stay tuned for lessons on how rid yourself of the liberal poison that has infected your sensibilities and awareness.

Finally, a quick apology for not posting as frequently as I'd originally hoped. But, in the many activities compressing my schedule into one of carefully chosen priorities, I had the distinct honor and privelege to serve as a Sector Chief and Marshall for the Gathering of Eagles/Rolling Thunder demonstration in Washington, D.C. on March 17. Lining up with nearly 30,000 patriots, veterans, and legitimate Americans, we stood across from a cesspool of moonbat idiots featuring the likes of Cindy Sheehan and Cynthia McKinney, to name a few of the assembled losers. In spite of the blustery, chilly conditions, standing with America's best to offset the rectal spew of the moonbat left wingers made us all feel much better about America and its chances to remain a bastion of freedom and justice for all. The moonbats were shocked and dismayed at the huge turnout designed to protect national treasures and monuments from the vandalism and political propaganda that surrounds every liberal gathering. No spray painted steps, no desecrated military memorials, no police officers assaulted, only tons of liberal trash (and lots of litter the liberal protesters left behind for other liberals to clean up).

God bless America. See you next time.