Monday, January 15, 2007

Legitimate Americans vs. these Dummycrats

Good to see you again, bloggers of the world. I've been on a business and vacation hiatus only a legitimate American can appreciate. For you liberals, Dummycrats, and other assorted nitwits, this means doing very constructive things with very good people. Not one of you liberal twits or your party of gutless wonders could begin to fathom what that actually means.

Of course, a liberal and the party of gutless liars (commonly referred to as Democrats) will declare the destruction of public schools, the outrageous expense we all face going to a doctor, or the inability of police to actually pursue suspects are fruits of their labor. Just take a look at the Duke rape case to see evidence of liberal "adjustments" at work. Can't have the truth get in the way of "feeling good about oneself", eh?

Since we can't find a way to legalize dope for these liberals, we have to endure their endless charade of trying to pit petty emotion against the stark reality of life in the world today. Just think, if we legalize dope, liberals would just get stoned and wander aimlessly into the septic tank of history -- twinkies and all. But, we resist the effort because innocent people always wind up getting hurt by "good intentions". So, dope remains illegal and liberals need something to make up for the loss of articifically induced euphoria.

In the Duke case, a liberal makes up a charge against some white boys attending a high end university. A gaggle of liberal "professors" howl and squeal about the racist white bruts viciously attacking a poor, innocent black woman trying to pay the bills -- as a stripper and hooker. Introduce a pandering liberal prosecutor, add heavy measures of liberal press, and before you can say, "Holy hosejob", you've got three very good kids lined up for heavy time in a federal prison. For what?

A baldfaced lie -- and what we must pray is the greatest example of liberal intolerance and character assassination ever witnessed. There could be greater examples, but researching those might just make every legitimate American so damned angry, the dental work and skull shape of many loudmouthed liberals could be in great danger of being permanently re-arranged.

What a shame that would be (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

It is incumbent on legitimate Americans to remind these liberal idiots and their political extensions (now holding sway in Washington, D.C.) the November elections were no mandate and the fraudulent campaign most of the newly elected Dummycrats ran were stolen hook, line, and sinker from the conservative playbook. President Bush and legitimate Americans are not interested in seeing the war on terror -- including Iraq -- go in the tank. With equal measures of patriotic enthusiasm, no legitimate American wants to see the economy go to hell in a handbasket with outrageous or punitive tax increases, minimum wage increases, or other such "feel good" legislation that will rip the momentum right out of several years of excellent job and earnings potential for every American.

The collective intelligence of every legitimate American was insulted in a world class way by the patronizing and despicable display put on by Nancy Pelosi and that poor baby -- forever wounded by the thought he/she was a prop for a partisan idiot that will usher future opportunities for legitimate Democrats into the proverbial septic tank of history with hypocrisy, ineptitude, corruption, and outright lies. Most of us are gleeful about this new opportunity to declare "open season" on these Dummycrats -- but, we don't want the country to suffer in the process. Liberals and their parrots in the government and media have a soggy, fecal infested corner of history's septic tank reserved for them. It's up to us to make sure they don't drag any innocent or legitimate Americans into that dank eternity with them.