Friday, July 06, 2007

Last Gasp of the Dying Liberal Generation

Having time to ponder all things real, unreal, and liberal, legitimate Americans might be delighted to observe how the foamy mouthed zealots, not so cleverly disguising themselves as "journalists", have decided to jump on the "Hey, Clinton, we've got your back" bandwagon. In case you are living in a cave or a raving liberal idiot, you know just exactly what that means.

Since America had the "gall" to impeach a bonafide liar and serial rapist/molester (that would be one of America's most disgusting examples of political ambition run amok -- Bill Clinton), liberals and their enablers in the Democratic Party have seen fit to dredge the sewage of political outhouses in hopes of finding something they might use as justification to begin a similar process against President Bush. We could spend the better part of today and tomorrow trotting out scenarios, but that would only help these nitwits as they grasp at every straw and gulp down every drop of political black water in search of a credible "crime". Why bother, legitimate Americans ask?

Well, my fellow legitimate Americans, examine the psychotic rage these simpletons have placed themselves following the commutation of Scooter Libby's prison sentence. Combine that with our current President's right minded disdain for the token, non-binding liberal "governance" emerging from the most comical and inept Congress in our nation's history -- the Pelosi/Ried cabal -- and you've got a recipe for liberal meltdown that may be unrivaled in the annals of this dreadful generation's existence. Working themselves into a lather over the qualifications for military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, tying themselves into knots over the alleged "outing" of a CIA clerk, or just the mere mention of Vice President Cheney, liberals and those tittering morons in the media are desperate to drive by Bill Clinton's house, honk the horn, waving as they pass, and yell out, "We've got your back, Lord Bill. We've manufactured enough inanity to press for impeachment of George Bush!!".

We don't need to revisit justification for military action against any nation on Earth. There are several more rogue states just dying for a visit from our military, and we'll get around to them in short order. This Libby issue is one for the books, however.

The facts are these (undisputed and unimpeachable):

Valerie Plame/Wilson/whatever was not a covert agent serving in a clandestine role, except at the neighborhood Wal-Mart. Mr. Libby was convicted of perjury after failing to reconcile his recollections of casual conversations with media figures. I suppose once a citizen is sworn under oath, every morsel of every conversation that citizen ever had could be twisted into an act of deceit -- herein the Libby case, it was contorted into perjury. This Plame woman and her jackass spouse needed to make mortgage payments and to buy the new James Bond cloak and dagger kit. Finding no new revenue sources available in government service, these buffoons decided to market a full blown scam -- liberals will send money to people they don't know if they believe it will damage America in the long term. So, a case was made to examine whether or not the identities of legitimate CIA operatives were being compromised after these losers declared those identities were at risk. The CIA had little choice but to agree -- after all, the threat of the aforementioned liberal hacks (Mr. and Mrs. Wilson) going to the press, under the guise of "self-protection", might blow the cover of any number of legitimate operatives just to show how easy it was.

Libby had no business testifying under oath about anything remotely connected to the compromise of covert agent identity. Not a word of his testimony involved anything that would or could be construed as such a national security betrayal. The jury convicted him of being deliberately vague and untruthful when asked to recall specific comments made to a liberal media figure. That, my fellow legitimate Americans, is the only thing this travesty produced.

Unless, of course, you are a drooling liberal idiot desperate to keep watch over Bill Clinton's septic tank legacy. If this describes you, then Libby's conviction -- and the long overdue clemency and outright pardon -- serves as a perverted validation of an ideology fit for the trash heap of history.

Any American supporting a call for the impeachment of President Bush is nothing short of a full blown moron. We all have issues with every level of this government, but President Bush has done yeoman's duty under circumstances no liberal, Democrat, or anything in between, could possibly endure. I am not going to say everything President Bush has done wins high praise -- this immigration farce does him far more damage than anything the liberal idiot contingency might dream up. Democrats have done a massive amount of damage to this country in the past five years, and the aberrant election of a razor thin majority in the Congress and Senate hardly qualifies as a mandate for further acts of national destruction by the party of defeatists and pathological liars.

America needs to take a deep breath and carefully examine the future of the Democratic Party. Unless wholesale changes are made and those poisonous elements -- liberals, socialists, and Communists -- are purged from that outfit, anything and anyone hoisting the Democrat banner will be stained with the blood of every victim of future terror or criminal acts against America and her allies. When we spend millions convicting a man for sputtering inconsistent recollections of informal discussions with media figures, but then seem worry about the "rights" of foreign nationals devoted to the wholesale slaughter of every man, woman, and child in this country, we have allowed Democrats and their flocks of septic tank dwellers to interfere far beyond the scope of their expertise. America needs to seriously consider rendering the Democrats -- in their current incarnation -- a level of irrelevance not seen in our political landscape for a century.

It will be the duty and responsibility of legitimate Americans to identify those candidates capable of ushering this generation of defeatists, liars, and poverty pimps into a political purgatory. Republicans let golden opportunities slip from their grasp by trying to act like Democrats. It is no surprise Democrats got elected acting like Republicans, but immediately reverted to being Democrats once the ballots were counted and they found themselves in a position to be part of the "majority". Not one legitimate American feels ambushed by the conduct of Pelosi or Reid -- we knew what would happen if the Republicans did not make their case well enough to prevent those two from assuming any position of power (including head janitor at the Toledo Zoo....with all due respect to the janitors at that zoo).

If Fred Thompson formally -- and finally -- goes on the offensive and seeks the office of President of the United States, America had best get involved fully and completely. I love Mitt Romney and what he stands for, but religious prejudice -- induced by liberals -- may keep this extraordinarily qualified and capable man from reaching enough folks to receive the nomination. If Senator Thompson can invigorate conservatives -- ala Ronald Reagan -- he will be the next President. I would advise the distinguished gentleman from Tennessee not to play too much of the Reagan card early on, but if he can govern and communicate as our dearly beloved Gipper did, let's get out and vote this guy in.

The alternatives are not pleasant. I respect Mayor Guliani and Governor Huckabee, adore Congressman Hunter, and wish the remaining GOP hopefuls all the best (except Ron Paul....someone beam him up). Fred Thompson will steady the ship, protect this nation, and employ the Romneys and Huckabees and Hunters in ways that will bolster and preserve America for everyone -- all races, creeds, and backgrounds.

There is not a Democrat in this galaxy qualified or capable to be President of the United States, no matter what some idiot at the New York Times or NBC News might say. America had better come to this same conclusion very soon. We have much to do, and no time to waste dealing with another period of Clintonisque malfeasance.