Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Put this in your pipe, liberals...and smoke it.

A British filmmaker (nitwit) decides the best film project he can devise is a feature depicting the assassination of a sitting US President -- George W. Bush. American liberals cheer!!

An American filmmaker (no nitwit) elects to expose the monumental failings of Bill Clinton and his administration on an American television network. American liberals howl in protest!!

How do you liberals define "free speech" again? Louder, we can't hear you for the feet stuck in your collective mouths.

American liberals, you know the ones, those erudite and forlorn morons that believed the hatchet piece presented to CBS a couple of years ago, depicting the life of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, should have aired without a single word confirmed for authenticity, a single fact verified, and their liberal, anti-Reagan opinions held largely intact. Fast forward to last weekend, the eve of the fifth anniversary of the most horrific mass murder in American history, when ABC planned to air a "docudrama" called "Path to 9/11". American liberals, flocks of Clinton supporters, and other equally demented left wing idiots threatened everything short of blowing up ABC's transmission towers to prevent this program from reaching the airwaves.

Notice a trend here?

President Reagan was not capable of defending the outrageous allegations the CBS hit piece included about his personal feelings or comments, Mrs. Reagan, or any of the other contrived bits of fantasy the scriptwriters felt compelled to make part of the production. President Reagan was dying, victim of a cruel and debilitating disease. The writers and supporters of the Reagan piece knew this, but laughed and joked at their license to distort, twist, and deceive any potential audience. They did this knowing President Reagan could not respond; for if he could, he would have taken those idiots to the proverbial woodshed, the whole of America reminded just what a great and decent man he was.

Fast forward to the recent presentation that depicted the monumental failings and disaster that was the "Clinton era". America is still reeling from the damage done by Clinton and his flacks, the 9/11 attacks being foremost on that long list. Legitimate Americans realized the hazardous course the pompous Clinton was charting, and his "do and say everything necessary to dazzle and baffle" a willing and moronic mass media only cemented America's fate. From his cowardly betrayal of the US forces in Somalia, to the absurdity of Haiti, the token cruise missile strikes on unoccupied or inconsequential targets, and the carefully scripted action in the Balkans, America's enemies saw everything they needed to see.

Terror cells flourished under the Clinton watch. Janet Reno could attack women and children at a religious compound in Waco with the same firepower refused the Rangers in Mogadishu, or attack the home of an American family -- with weapons suitable for taking out Al Qaida cells -- so an eight year old Cuban child could be returned to communist oppression instead of a life with his family in the United States. To Clinton and his band of nincompoops, terrorists were all from the Timothy McVeigh variant. Middle Easterners were to come and go as they pleased. Just ask Jamie Gorelick, the creator of the "wall" that prevented law enforcement and military intelligence from sharing crucial data. Clinton and his ilk adored this idiot -- right up until they realized she ushered in a policy that allowed thousands of Americans to be murdered, and not a damned thing could be done to prevent it as long as Clinton held office.

The US military loathed Clinton, just as it had Carter. But, true to their calling and mission, our people performed as ordered. They made Clinton's fallacious and dishonest foreign policy look good, only because they knew it was their job to follow the orders they were given.

American liberals would have called for mass courts-martial and firings of command staff had a single soldier complained of the tokenism Clinton's military missions involved. No legitimate American should ever forget the North Korean debacle -- led by that monumental buffoon Jimmy Carter and the most inept Secretary of State in US history, Madeline Albright. Toasting the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, bribing him with billions in food, oil, and nuclear technology, essentially opening the door for his acquisition of nuclear weapons, Clinton showed the world he could not face down long time enemies without placing America's friends and allies in mortal danger.

Before Clinton, China could not hope to threaten the US with nuclear weapons. After Clinton, the US must assign a sizable deterrent force to Chinese ballastic missile threats.

Before Clinton, Saddam would have never dreamed of throwing out UN inspectors. During Clinton, he did just that, and committed frequent aggressive acts against coalition forces enforcing the UN resolutions that kept the murdering thug in power after his forces were supremely humiliated and routed from Kuwait. But, Clinton was obsessed with token acts of rape and molestation, including the desecration of the Oval Office by allowing an impressionable groupie to perform oral sex on him while he was "doing the nation's business". Liberals find this amusing, and not the least bit unprofessional. Nor do these liberals find his perjury in testimony following these embarrassing acts anything but "typical".

Typical? For whom? Liberals?

Clinton can defend himself from the charges or assertions made in the "Path to 9/11", but he knows any attempt to do so would expose his failures again and again and again. Who can he trot out to save his honor? His National Security Advisor -- Sandy Berger? Janet Reno?

Please say, "Hillary".

In case you don't know, Mr. Berger was convicted of stealing classified documents from the National Archives prior to Clinton's testimony before the 9/11 commission. That's a pretty revealing bit of information about Berger, Clinton, and what they didn't want America to learn about their abyssmal failures as chief custodians of American security.

Bill Clinton was a shyster and pathological liar. He walks the fringe of being a serial rapist and molester; unfortunately, most of the women involved could not make enough of a case to see him charged and convicted. Instead, American liberals, so dizzy and inane, embrace this buffoon and tolerate the murder of thousands of Americans to preserve the "Clinton legacy".

American liberals demand to be heard as they rail against President Bush and the current US actions abroad. We've heard you, liberals. You are not going to regain the House or Senate. You will not regain the White House. Your bogus agenda and "gotcha" games played on the internet aren't winning hearts and minds. They are making internet providers -- most owned by major US corporations -- very wealthy....and your extinction a certainty.

Americans need to clean up after eight disastrous years of cowardice and appeasement (known as the Clinton era). We let you liberals wander around in a daze until thousands of our countrymen were slaughtered at work, school, and play. Your time has come -- and gone. I am delighted to witness history assign American liberals the long overdue and deserved title of "completely insignificant". Good riddance.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Another liberal icon gets flushed

Was there anything more absurd than the liberal howls and indignation surrounding the Valerie Plame "outing"?

It will take these liberal idiots some time to come up with another clinical demonstration of their inanity and irrelevance on the scale of this debacle, but let's give them credit for using all their resources to smear half the nation in one of the wildest wild goose chases ever. Even the Washington Post has tucked tail and headed for cover. (Note: don't expect the intellectually and morally challenged New York Times to admit they were complicit in this charade -- they are too ensconsed in their self serving agenda to notice what dupes they were and continue to be.)

Richard Armitage, a deputy to Colin Powell and nothing of a Bush insider, has basically said he dusted off Plame's name to Robert Novak in an off hand manner -- the way most people talk about insignificant clerks involved in menial work at any level of government. Plame was not a deep cover CIA operative, ever. Just the same, the Agency frowns on divulging the names of any employee, including the guy sitting in the booth at the Langley parking lot. But, it's not a violation of law designed to protect covert operatives from being exposed if the parking lot attendant or Valerie Plame's name makes it into the newspapers.

No, my fellow Americans, it was Ms. Plame's devoted husband and idiot par excellance, Joe Wilson, that created all the mucky-mucky here. A halfwitted idiot and non-essential bureaucrat trying to scrape a living out of being the quinessential idiot par excellance, Wilson decided to take on the Niger uranium story and add his personal touch, all in the attempt to embarass George W. Bush. A noble undertaking, according to contemporary liberals.

Of course, let's not allow facts to trickle into any discussion about Plame and this idiot Wilson. Saddam Hussein has dispatched agents of his regime to Niger in pursuit of uranium, but Wilson was too busy dabbing African coffee stains from his lapel to notice. Under the pretense of having conducted a "thorough" investigation, Wilson slithered back to the United States and found the next best forum for liberal stupidity outside the Clinton library -- the New York Times -- to chronicle the results of his "official mission". Wilson would gleefully report Iraq made no such overture, the intelligence reports of the Iraqi mission was a lie, therefore the pretense for removing the murdering thug and international terrorist in Baghdad was based on "lies". Complete cliche' and spin that left liberals and their camp in the throes of a "gotcha" orgasm.

Joe Wilson and the New York Times: a match made in heaven. A bonafide fool and liar embracing another bonafide fool and liar.

Unrelenting in their demands to punish America for impeaching Bill Clinton, Democrats and their liberal enablers twisted, distorted, lied, cheated, and harassed the Justice Department until a Special Prosecutor was assigned and some big time Republican heads were rolled. Sayeth the Democrats and liberals from every media perch they could find: no one in the Bush administration could deny complicity in the vicious conspiracy to destroy the patriotic and dutiful Ambassador Joe Wilson. Yeah, the liar and fool deluded himself into believing he commanded so much attention, the liberal fantasy of bringing down the Bush camp -- with Karl Rove in leg irons -- was actually being played out in the mass media.

Can we use our favorite saying for these liberals and their friends in the press? Of course, we can. "Sucker!!"

Excuse us while we snicker under our collective breath. No one in the Bush administration gave two hoots in hell what this halfwitted flack Wilson said or did, as long as it didn't involve aiding and abetting our enemies. That's a conversation for another time.

Valerie Plame and her doting fool of a husband can now gurgle down the drain of irrelevance and find their reserved table in the septic tank of liberal history -- celebrated, defeated, yet definitive icons of the most failed political ideology in American history.