Thursday, August 24, 2006

Spider Dan's solutions -- the Israeli dilemma

We've got every newspaper and media outlet in the world exposed as complete chumps and fools for buying those phony photos provided by jihadist journalists in Lebanon and Iraq. Thank God for the bloggers and other legitimate Americans taking time to blow away the phony smoke and dusting off the wrecked cars and ambulances so the world can see just how much crap jihad has to manufacture to "win hearts and minds".

To the contemporary liberals in America and their whimpering counterparts around the world, we all say: "Sucker!".

We get enough phony grieving every time Cindy Sheehan's photo poisons a publication. Why these outlets felt it necessary to completely ignore every journalistic standard of checking sources and verifying authenticity remains a mystery -- unless you believe as I do.

Liberals are bigger idiots than we originally suspected.

Let's talk about reality and how to end the threats coming from Iran and their minions in the Middle East.

Iran is a minor military force with huge commercial potential. Iran is also home to a religious zealotry that cannot utilize either of the aforementioned without destroying both. How does the US intend to end the crisis and salvage future relations with a key nation in the oil rich Persian Gulf region?

By following this plan -- to the letter.

1. Declare all commercial air and sea lanes in and over Iran closed, effective September 1. Place the US Navy in the Gulf, shut down the Iranian ports. Use carrier based aircraft (US supercarriers positioned at Gonzo Station in the NW Indian Ocean) to secure the southern regions of Iranian airspace, and land based aircraft (US bases in the region) to secure the northern regions of Iranian airspace. Any contest of this embargo will be met with lethal force immediately.

2. Mobilize the Fleet Marine Force to occupy those key areas near the Strait of Hormuz to prevent missile or artillery strikes against shipping passing through this strategic chokepoint. While the Strait is too wide and deep to be plugged by simply sinking a couple of rusty buckets, anti-ship missiles fired from the Iranian coastline could do serious damage to loaded tankers. The Marine force would patrol and defeat those threats -- complimented by close air support assets of the USMC and US Air Force already deployed to the region.

3. Give the Iranians until October 1 to legitimately throttle down Hezbollah and every other jihadist extension controlled by Tehran. In the event a single terrorist act is committed against the US or its allies, including interests in Iraq, by those extensions, select targets in Iran will be destroyed.

We will remind them daily: we have more bombs than you have targets.

The Iranian population must know the propaganda spewed by the zealots holding power is nothing more than wishful thinking. When US fighter aircraft and naval vessels roam Iranian airspace and seaports at will, the population of Iran will suddenly realize the bluster and posturing of the mullahs and mullets is about to get them all killed -- in a very violent and horrible manner. Watch how quickly the channels of communication open, and how the dialogue "progresses".

This plan would also sanction Israel's full court press against the Syrian buffoons that believe a decade of muzzled Israelis constitutes Syrian legitimacy in any process that brings peace and stability to the region. The Syrians want absolutely nothing to do with a full scale military dust-up with Israel, and the region would be better served if the Israelis took whatever steps necessary to demonstrate just why that is the case. A militarily defeated Syria (by Israel) ends the facade Arabs can extract concessions by force, including acts of terror.

Anyone that fails to recognize the legitimacy of this plan also fails to recognize the reality America and her allies face in the region. The US cannot abandon the Middle East. The US will not deprive itself or its allies of the resources available in the region. Incredible fortunes, in an otherwise poverty ridden corner of the world, are realized by this arrangement. Allowing the zealots hiding behind perversions of Islam to upset this arrangement is suicide for industrial powers -- and those nations seeking to improve their lot in the global economy.

Even if every Western influence and interest was removed from the Middle East, and the galactic fortunes generated by oil revenues were to cease, the world would suffer through continued heartache and confrontation -- forces driven by poverty and despair, fueled by the religious zealotry of those perverting Islam, would see to it no freedom loving person was safe from the evil produced by those desperate, ignorant people.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Howdy, legitimate Americans!!

Feel free to exercise your free speech rights here at the newest blog for legitimate Americans. Our effort will be centered on bringing the hopes and dreams of all freedom loving people to fruition as contributing and sincere citizens of the United States of America. I know much of our time will be spent smashing those elements that create fear and loathing, envy and derision (elements rooted in any liberal cause or discussion). With so much time being devoted to the almost comical debunking of all things liberal and left, we might miss out on rare opportunities to actually have a good time mixing and mingling with our friends and allies around the world.

So, if you believe as I do -- America is the bright, shining city on the hill -- that will stand strong and firm with our allies to thoroughly defeat our enemies, welcome.

If you are left wing/liberal twit that needs to be reclaimed from the septic tank of history, you are most definetely welcome.

If you are left wing/liberal twit that needs to be flushed into the septic tank of history, you have indeed come to the right place. I will send you to the depths of your insignificance in ways you could have never imagined.

Regardless, welcome to my blog.