Thursday, October 12, 2006

The liberal rats and their sinking ship

Been a rather interesting few weeks since we last visited, eh?

Those ill tempered liberals have cooked up a few more recipes for disaster, spilling the concoction in their typically sloppy manner, then denying they had anything to do with the mess. As legitimate Americans suffer the latest round of "Dummycrat follies", it's time to clear the air.

If you had any doubts about the monumental failings of Bill Clinton, let this fact laden blogpost put your mind at ease. Yes, it's true: Clinton was not only a liar and serial rapist/molester, but his bungling resulted in the deaths of thousands of American men, women, and children at the hands of Islamic murderers. It is also true Clinton's legacy involves a very dangerous situation on the Korean penisula. Of all the foibles and stumbles of the "Klintoon Kampers", the North Korean saga may prove to be the deadliest.

Let's not revisit every Clinton malfeasance. You don't have time and I don't have the temperment. (You'll get bored and I'll go bitch slap some liberal.) But, let's review the North Korean situation in its proper context, then add just a dash of the soon-to-backfire Democratic Mark Foley "outrage" to this visit of what's right and reasonable.

If you are a liberal -- or one of the enablers in the Democratic Party -- possessing the gall to suggest the current crisis involving North Korea is the making of George W. Bush, please find the nearest high rise building, climb to the roof, and swan dive into the dumpster below. Just as the lion's share of failure to defend against Al Qaeda's attack on US interests (that would include New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania pastureland) lies with Clinton and his operatives, boasts from the clinically insane North Korean leadership clique of having conducted a nuclear detonation are more residue of the Clinton adminstration. North Korea could only dream of possessing a nuclear weapon -- China and Russia would never arm them with such a capability -- before Ross Perot ushered the Clinton era into America's history. It took a bungling moron like Clinton to transform a rock tossing loudmouth into a nuclear armed blackmailing bully.

North Korea is a military state. Everything they do revolves around their armed forces. American liberals cower and shudder at the prospect of actually confronting such a dedicated entity. Of course, American liberals cower and shudder at the prospect of disarming inner city teenagers, so naturally, a nation of psychotic militants will most certainly loosen their bowels. Enter one lying, sex consumed shyster named Clinton. Add the most ill advised foreign policy in American history (well, it's hard to run Jimmy Carter off the number one spot, but we must in this case), and millions of Asians now live under the very real threat they soon will die in a nuclear blast. Thanks to Clinton's legacy on failing to curb Al Qaeda's growth worldwide, North Korea may very soon become the chief exporter of nuclear weapons to terrorists. What's a few hundred million dollars between friends?

North Korea demands bilateral discussions with the US. Anyone care to know why? I spent a tour guarding UN/US interests in the Korean DMZ, standing toe to toe with North Korean guards. Those "one on one's" with the North Koreans at Panmunjom didn't accomplish anything but temper my desire to smash those punks into puddles of bloody goo. It is safe to assume the KPA personnel we personally met didn't come away with any "warm and fuzzy" feelings after having spent time with the resident American soldiers. It's all ego driven. To sit across from the US delegation, spewing propaganda, beating their bony little chests, and trumpeting their "relevance" would be the high point of their day.

If the North Koreans press another military confrontation on the Korean penisula, the stakes will be raised to new levels, thanks to Clinton, Albright, Berger, et. al. Now, not only will the US, South Korea, and their allies be forced to inflict massive blows early, battlefield commanders must have nuclear armed resources cocked and loaded. While every big fight has a nuclear component, that option would not be raised unless conventional weapons are judged incapable or the enemy's use of nuclear weapons are imminent. North Korea is begging to be destroyed by the US military; it is up to the North Koreans how that is accomplished.

A conventional conflict in Korea would be very costly in innocent lives. South Korea is a prosperous and lively nation of fifty million hard working souls. The North Koreans would inflict casualties on the South Korean population just to terrorize them into not taking up the fight. Lobbing missiles and artillery into South Korean population centers is about all the North Koreans can accomplish -- their military would be defeated in short order by the vastly improved South Korean armed forces, supported directly by US forces in the region.

Fortunately, the North Koreans don't have the delivery system for a nuclear weapon in their current inventory. Fortunately, the North Koreans don't possess the technology for building nuclear warheads that will fit on missiles. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton and company gave them the ability to acquire and develop both. Just ask the Chinese how well those ballastic guidance systems work on their newly developed ballastic missile inventory. The Chinese military drinks a toast to Bill Clinton and the morons in his administration every night.

You get the picture. A couple of days ago, the junior senator from New York, Clinton's wife, Hillary, declared it was the "failed policies" of the Bush adminstration responsible for the North Korean situation. Only a sheer moron would fall for that. Or, employees of several liberal news organizations.

Finally, once the investigations into this clown Mark Foley have concluded, it will be revealed Democrats sat on this idiot's instant messages to teenagers until they felt some political advantage could be taken. By insisting GOP leadership be held accountable for the conduct of a liberal Democrat pretending to be Republican is more hyprocrisy brewed in the liberal kitchen of all things hypocritical. Democrats are the party of failure because they are failures. They spin, twist, lie, cheat, and distort. Thankfully, Americans don't tolerate their foolishness for very long. Not anymore -- and not when the stakes are so incredibly high. Be it the handling of some homosexual idiot like Foley or a deranged lunatic like Kim Jong Il, America needs nothing from Democrats except to watch the tailights of the bus -- hauling the whole damned bunch into the septic tank of history -- vanish over the horizon.