Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another American benchmark the liberals despise

June 6, 1944.

To the hundreds of millions of sentient citizens of planet Earth, this date is carved into our collective psyches like no other -- December 7, 1941, for example, is another benchmark liberals cannot abide, but more on that later.

Sixty three years ago, the morning air along the northwestern French coast erupted in a cataclysm of violence, death, and destruction rarely witnessed, much less survived, by any human in the history of humankind. Thousands of American men, drawn from all quarters of this great land, would never see another day, never go home to their families to recover, never live to offer the benefit of what that explosive and dreadful experience had taught them.

For you liberal idiots and Hillary Clinton/B. Hussein Obama/John Edwards supporters, on June 6, 1944, the Allies invaded Europe at Normandy. France had not invaded or attacked the United States, but we blew that place to hell and back, killing hundreds of thousands along the way. (I'll bet a steak dinner you liberals will curse those troops for such heinous acts of genocide, all sanctioned by a warmongering US president. I will not even talk about the airplanes dropping bombs on German forests.....this post will be hard enough on you liberals, as it is.)

For the rest of us -- legitimate Americans and everyone around the world that knows we owe a debt that can never be repaid to those men at Normandy -- this date is honored and revered because of what was accomplished, what was sacrificed, and what was learned. The world was burning as the fires of war spread to every continent, to every ocean. No man, woman, or child was spared the fear of World War II, millions suffered physical injury, millions more died.


Cowards, appeasers, and political fools turned away from the stark reality of fascism and religious fanaticism, that's why. Spoiled children and intellectual phonies assumed their lofty perch would protect them from a few desperate and moronic simpletons wandering around with guns, that's why. Nations unwilling to recognize the development of new and terrible weapons, capable of reaching across thousands of miles of ocean, might ever inflict their specialized death and destruction on those "secure" enclaves. Today, we call those guilty of these horrific oversights "liberals". Today, the liberals run wild in the formerly honorable Democratic Party.

Today, we are facing another Normandy, complete with all the horror, death, and destruction. Why?

See above.

Bashing liberals seems like great fun to legitimate Americans, as it should. There have been few opportunities in American history to isolate a segment of society that is thoroughly racist, intolerant, and incompetent -- liberals offer just such an opportunity today. The once honorable profession of journalism (news writing, for example....forget editorializing) has been transformed by a gaggle of lazy, socialist leaning, lying simpletons teaching "journalism" at state sponsored universities -- point of order, liberal arts colleges -- who threaten lawsuits if their failures manifest themselves into a poor job performance rating. What happened to making sure facts make the pages of the local newspaper or the scripted spew of a talking head TV newscaster?

Forfeit factual integrity and good reporting so that the underlying social message (re: political indoctrination) is the only lingering morsel of the report. Just listen to a liberal talk about anything. Pick any subject. Liberals will butcher the facts to assign their fallacious political spin to it. So, why bother with these simpletons as we respectfully recall and honor those that fought, died, and liberated hundreds of millions sixty three years ago?

It's our duty to defeat everything contemporary liberals represent. We owe those brave thousands -- the men of D-Day that faced unspeakable horror and fear -- our best efforts to defeat liberals as those liberals attempt to expand their failures into greater influence in academia and politics. It is also the duty of all legitimate Americans to defeat the Democratic Party, the haven from which most liberals can find reinforcement and value. You may rest assured the likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Danny Glover, et. al. will not be found embracing GOP candidates, even one of their own -- fellow actor/political mover and shaker Fred Thompson. It's not because the decency and integrity of the GOP candidates that turns off those aforementioned morons, it's this fact: no GOP leader would remotely consider elevating liberal points of view -- beyond new and exciting methods of toilet scrubbing.

Sixty three years ago, American men of all walks of life climbed into aircraft, ships, and departed into a dark night knowing many of those among them would be dead in minutes. I am personally awed, inspired, and deeply honored to stand in the presence of those D-Day veterans. My grandfather was there, but didn't speak of it beyond a simple acknowledgement of his involvement that fateful morning. Nothing to hide, this paragon of virtue and lifelong Democrat, my granddaddy, it was just too hard recounting the horror without his beloved family seeing him reach a deep, dark emotional state he promised not to visit -- not until his time for judgment before God Almighty came. My grandmother told us these things -- only after this devoted family man, combat veteran, and truly decent human being, died -- knowing we finally grew up, spiritually and morally, enough to understand if Granddaddy cried at church or at a Memorial Day service, he wasn't being a "softy". He carried a terrible burden with him, remembering his fallen comrades with each prayer and honor ceremony.

The liberal elements that lived in the mid-20th century tried to make their points salient -- to varying degrees, they were successful. Today, with all the high tech media and incredibly lazy class of young people in our country, liberals make inroads, pontificating and editorializing with little concern for facts, history, or consequences. Contemporary liberals are our version of the racist thugs promoting slavery, the religious zealots burning pretty young women at the stake (claimed they were witches), and those embracing ideologies that believe wholesale murder of concentration camp occupants will keep the population on a tight leash. Too graphic a characterization for you liberal sympathizers?

Too bad. It's true. I can prove it. Legitimate Americans can prove it. There is not a single liberal, true to his/her cause, that can dispute or debunk a single point made here or anywhere liberals are exposed for what they really are.

Finally, let it be known the land of "dust and lust" -- Las Vegas -- can host something as refreshing as a reunion of old friends, sharing memories, savoring accomplishments of each, and not losing sight of how we met, why we stayed friends, and why we shall remain friends. No matter how youthful or exuberant we may have been, each of us grew into responsible, respected, and honorable men -- doctors, police officers, professionals. Conservatives, American patriots, and people you would love to know. I am deeply honored to be counted as their friend.

God bless Detective Paul Villa, Doctor Larry Smith, and our honored veterans of the D-Day invasion. May each day these men, their families, and all that know them, be filled with the blessings only God can provide.

See you all next time.