Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thank God for conservatives in America

Can you imagine the shrieks and howls coming from the liberal camps -- that would be most of the mainstream media and all the idiots in America -- if conservatives decided to pull a "Democrat" and declare voter fraud tilted the outcome of this latest Congressional election?

Can you imagine the sniffing and puffing coming from liberal camps -- that would be most of the folks that keep electing communist sympathizers like Teddy Kennedy, et. al. -- if conservatives demanded recounts, paper ballots, and results dismissed due to the razor thin margin of victory in those races where the GOP candidate lost the race?

Can you say "no mandate" five times, real fast?

Legitimate Americans are dismayed the GOP could not manage to debunk liberal fraud and media bias often enough to maintain "control" of the Congress, but given chance to pause and reflect honestly, we'd all agree: this may be the tonic that finally flushes contemporary liberalism out of our government's system. Unlike liberals, conservatives watched the results and understood the message. Unlike liberals, conservatives know what to do so such results never occur again. Unlike liberals, conservatives will not tolerate a party apparatus that attempts to parlay token similarities in order to attract the unattractive -- commonly known as the "undecided" voter. History has proven these "undecided voters" (talk about avoiding responsibility for your basic American duty) are impressed by conviction and resolve. Even when it's dead wrong.

How a single American citizen can embrace the liberal mantra is a mystery to educated and honestly intellectual human beings. Unfortunately for our nation and its people, too many find themselves believing there lies a mystical empowerment within the trappings of a liberal mindset. The removal of guilt and incompetence from the bearer, they must believe, is the benefit of donning the liberal mask. Only after the damage is done, lives irreversibly wrecked and America seriously weakened, do these idiots realize what happened. Anyone deliberately espousing liberalism beyond the age of 10 is a coward and liar. And, to be honest, I don't know many liberal 10 year olds.

Cursory reviews of college campuses elevating liberal mantra above septic tank level reveal this sinister cowardice. When conservative speakers or lectures are scheduled, these liberals will destroy property that is not their own, seek to deny free speech and exchange of ideas, and refuse to bathe afterward. While most of the threats are carried out by a gaggle of sissies trying to throw pies, the notion these tepid twits would seek to disrupt or deny the rights of others to express a legitimate point of view speaks volumes about a culture that would tolerate such behavior. Liberals not only tolerate that juvenile crap, they encourage it as part of their larger "right" to express themselves in a meaningful way. Equal to the pie chunking losers on college campuses, the media services (where the pie chunking morons find jobs, apparently) duplicate these repressive tactics in a much more deliberate manner.

Much of what makes this country (the United States of America for you liberals trying to clear your head) so attractive is the ability of decent human beings to find their way, even if they stumble along the path to self determination and liberty. Making mistakes is not the end-all for Americans, but not learning from mistakes must be regarded as the depths of irresponsibility if this nation is going to endure another 240 years. Liberals are the mistake making machine we can't seem to turn off. Unless we find the source of their power, spending all our time digging ourselves out from under the avalanche of liberal misdeed and error hastens short term "fixes" that only compound the error. This latest Congressional election is one of those short term "fixes".

The Republican Party lost the election because neither party deserved to win the election. As confounding as that may seem to liberals, it is a fact. While the books will reflect a win for Democrats, the end game will be necessary adjustment of the conservative political apparatus to prevent such a recurrence. Call it a political stalemate with a Democratic flair, but call it what it is. An adjustment that might have been overdue, but it's here and legitimate Americans had best use the opportunity to get it right.

The consequences of a second failure two years from now are too horrible to consider.