Monday, October 08, 2007

Gullible losers and liberals -- a match made in Hell

If you believe Rush Limbaugh insulted American troops, you didn't hear the program in which the discussion involving the left wing scam artists took place. And, since you "believe" Rush insulted our troops, based on the distorted context and outright fraud of some left wing idiots, that qualifies you as a gullible loser. It's not so bad to be a gullible loser, but if you're a liberal and a gullible loser, there's not a skyscraper high enough for you to take flight and end your suffering.

If you believe Bill O'Reilly is a racist, see above.

Let's examine why gullible losers and liberals need to end their suffering, either by swan diving from skyscrapers or actually realizing just how dangerous their distorted perspectives can be if spread to equally naive or gullible Americans.

First, liberals seems to insist on making their miserable perspectives public at every opportunity. Name a forum -- there's a liberal spewing some wild eyed nonsense about illegal wars and racism and God knows what. Compounding this folly, Congressional Democrats elect to use their precious resources -- on the floor of the House and Senate -- to chastise Limbaugh and everyone else not dipped in the vat of liberal stupidity. Only when legitimate Americans realize enough is enough and begin to bounce those liberals, the same kooks advancing the Limbaugh fraud, infect academia and media outlets in large numbers, spreading this fraud and other distortions, will those diseased institutions will be "cured". In the words of a layman, schools will return to teaching facts and the media will return to reporting facts. As long as liberals remain employed in these public capacities, those moronic adventures in fraud and context distortion will continue.

Facts are painful to liberals. Everyone having endured the liberal arts phase of a university level education understands, appreciating where and how some young dunce would embrace a liberal point of view in the current political dynamic. Now, as you liberals attempt to distort the previous sentence into wholesale condemnation of undergraduate studies, legitimate Americans and skilled professionals recognize the context and intent of that comment. Here's how we approach this: how much time did you spend, in a review of events leading up to the Civil War, discussing the sins of slavery?

Note to liberals: the sins of slavery were not the sole predicates for that horrific episode in American history.

I'll be the first to admit conservatives aren't inherently perfect. As a honest and God fearing conservative, I can truthfully recall several instances of poor judgment and ill advice. More often than not, those instances were the direct result of indulging in liberal activities (state of mind altered psychotic distress created by narcotics or alcohol). As one that has forgotten more about having a good time than most people will ever know, I try not to be hypocritical in my analysis of the liberal conundrum. Even during the lowest points of my personal interactions with society, I never lost touch with the fundamentally honorable and conservative base I fight so hard to preserve. Unlike liberals, I recognize the flaws of society and work to improve those things that directly influence the American experience. I don't spend my time dissecting or debunking the "hidden" messages of Led Zeppelin's lyrics or Harry Potter movies. I do spend time dissecting and debunking the assessments of Bill Clinton or anyone remotely close to supporting what he (or his wife) might publicly declare as "sound public policy".

As a young and impressionable soldier in 1973, I saw racism and dissent overwhelm many of my equally impressionable young comrades. The Vietnam experience had come to it's bedraggled conclusion (the combat aspects). Americans were confused, feeling somewhat betrayed by the outcome. Liberals felt empowered and enlightened. The ends justified the means, they would declare. It became fashionable to espouse "victimization", blaming fundamental American values for creating those victims. In very rare and select cases, there were legitimate victims of overt racism or criminal behavior. However, in the broader context of liberal reform, it was not en vogue to embrace American values in pursuit of solutions, but to distort, destroy, and marginalize those values -- all in the effort to "prevent" future victims of discrimination or abhorrent behavior. Even as the Democrat controlled Congress and eventual election of a monumental buffoon (Jimmy Carter) held sway in government, Americans realized the liberal extensions were not the basis from which an end to poverty or racism would be brought to the forefront of our collective mindsets. We saw faith and patriotism devalued, only to be revived in the magnificent election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. America was on its way back, not a moment too soon.

Liberals had tasted power and legitimacy (in their narrow and poisoned minds), and could not allow the likes of Reagan to reduce their ilk to the levels of irrelevance American liberals so richly deserve. Hellbent on distortion and fraud, the American education system began systematically failing to educate, focusing exclusively on indoctrination -- something liberals declared was being done in the name of God and country a generation previous. America was not a haven for freedom and liberty -- according to liberal teaching -- but a cesspool of have's and have-not's. Within the liberal mantra, Americans could not fend for themselves; how dare anyone suggest the minority community elevate their standards to match a standard that was repeatedly proven to provide a vehicle to self sufficiency and success. No, it would take liberal supervision of government entitlements to usher these "downtrodden" masses into a new era. At least, that's what the liberal establishment used as the key selling point. Well, my fellow legitimate Americans, the facts are in: the liberal establishment left the minority community in far worse condition than it would have been had those communities been allowed to become educated with facts and sustain themselves with faith in God.

Since liberals prefer distortion and fraud, my comments will be portrayed as a demand to install religious zealotry in every American's life. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was raised in the Baptist Church and attend services as often as I can. I do not want anyone to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into a sermon or discussion of faith unless they are honestly seeking to expand their understanding of faith and decide, for themselves, if the history and theory advanced in those sermons strikes a positive chord. Personally, I find most of the Bible and its historical accounts very interesting -- thought provoking. I also found the history of ancient Greece and Rome incredibly intriguing. Do I think we should adopt the tenet philosophy of ancient Greeks or Romans?

Absolutely not.

Contemporary liberals are doing everything they can to distort and revise history to match their fallacious point of view. This explains -- in a very small way -- why liberal flacks are frantically seeking to diminish Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and a large and influential number of talk show hosts (with nearly 50 million Americans comprising their daily audiences). It also explains why no conservative point of view is "tolerated" at select universities that insist the free exchange of ideas are the foundation of their academic prowess. When graduates of these institutions become managers of news and information, the filter installed by those universities is not adjusted to accomodate reality. Liberal politicians gleefully feed this fraud, realizing the combination of this liberal filter and the potential of demoralized conservatives creates a stronger platform from which they can build a political apparatus designed to legislate conservatism out of the American way of life. Unfortunately, for these deluded simpletons, Americans are not taking the bait.

Rush Limbaugh never insulted a single American soldier. He ripped a left wing fraud and convicted liar -- accurately describing him as a "phony soldier" elevated to celebrity by the same morons seeking to remove Limbaugh's broadcast from the airwaves. Too bad liberals didn't fare well in the talk show forum; Air America was a complete bust. Just as an overwhelming majority of left wing university professors and lecturers are repeatedly demonstrated to be, Air America was about distortion and slander, not facts and legitimate analysis. Only a gullible loser and liberal would suggest otherwise.

Until next time, keep the faith. God bless America and those of you legitimately keeping this great nation free and prosperous.